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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Policy

The safety of all who attend our playgroups is taken very seriously. To ensure safety is maintained, all playgroup leaders complete a site visit to prepare and familiarise themselves with the selected outdoor playgroup areas. Risk assessments are carried out on the day of all scheduled outdoor playgroups, at least an hour before the scheduled start time in order to identify and, if possible, eliminate or reduce any risks.

Each risk assessment is signed by the person who completed the assessment.

All new risk assessments will be shared with each member of staff within Numbers Nursery and key information is communicated to all children, parents and carers at the start of all playgroups.

We will work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure their children can enjoy the outdoors in safety.

All children must be accompanied and supervised by their parent and carers at the Numbers Nursery playgroups at all times, and parents and carers are in charge of the activities their children will participate in.

This policy was adopted by staff on 16/02/16.