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Environmental Policy & Environmental Impact Assessment

We aim for all Numbers Nursery staff, volunteers and parents/carers to engender a high level of respect for the natural world and encourage all to be involved in decisions about their environment and safety. We aim to ensure that, where possible, Numbers Nursery will purchases products that have been assessed for having a lower impact on the environment.

By operating in a way that minimises waste, optimises recycling and promotes the reuse of materials we hope to demonstrate and encourage a wider respect for the environment, as well as an understanding that all produce and waste is linked to the health of our planet as a whole.

Impact Mitigation

On site activities such as fires will follow practices that minimise impact on wildlife through being mindful of what is burnt and how any residues are disposed of. Before leaving a site we will ensure that litter is collected and disposed of suitably.

Dead wood is important to any woodland ecology as it has a multitude of uses, from homes for mini beasts to beds for fungi, so a lack of it is bad for any woodland habitat. We will limit the frequency of fires and evaluate the amount of dry, dead wood before having a fire. We will collect only the minimum amount required for any given fire.

Fires changes in soil chemistry can lead to increases in PH levels, carbon, phosphorous, etc. which can be harmful to some plants, whilst other essential nutrients may be depleted. Fire can travel underground to roots even after appearing to be extinguished. We will only use designate fire pits on sites or at areas that aren’t particularly ecologically interesting or unique. If possible, we will dispose of ash into patches of nettles. We will ensure that all fires are extinguished fully before leaving a site. Where needed, we will use a fire wok to contain a fire.

Cooking food waste may attract animals to the site or increase numbers of certain species, potentially leading to adverse changes in biodiversity. To minimise these impacts, we will provide a container (to be taken away) or an ecologically sound place for food disposal.

Tree Climbing and Shelter Building

Tree climbing by young children at our playgroups is strictly prohibited. For any shelter building, we will use materials that have already fallen on the floor, and leave plants unpicked whenever picking is not necessary.

Toilet Use

All our outdoor sites are situated near a public toilet and washbasin. We will provide antibacterial hand wipes, which will be disposed of in a bag that is taken away.

Sustainable procurement

Numbers Nursery is project run by Smart Savings South West CIC which is a not-for-profit organisation, which holds environmental sustainability as a core value.

We understand that the choices we make as buyers and consumers are a large part of our footprint and therefore strive to take this into account in our purchases. As far as possible we will buy items which are produced: as locally as possible; organically; from sustainable or renewable sources; ethically, with regards to environment, and workers’ and animal welfare; and with minimum packaging.

This policy was adopted by staff on 16/02/16.