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Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

Everyone, including Numbers Nursery staff, volunteers and parents/carers, have a responsibility to protect their own and other group members’ health, safety and well-being. They should inform Numbers Nursery staff if anybody’s actions are likely to jeopardise the safety or comfort of others.

We aim to promote:

  • Self-esteem;
  • Self-awareness of personal abilities and limitations;
  • Respect and care for oneself, other people and the natural environment;
  • Supportive behaviour, having fun together as a group and encourage parents/carers to give their full participation;
  • Being open-minded, and free to ask questions and make mistakes;
  • Co-operation and non-violent communication.

Group Code of Conduct

In the course of the first Numbers Nursery session, a ‘group code of conduct’ will be sought between the staff and all parents/carers. This will include items such as respecting oneself, each other and the environment and listening carefully to instructions when they are given. The group will be encouraged to contribute items to ‘group code of conduct’.
Behaviour expectations for leaders, assistants and parents/carers:

  • Be a positive role model for children, particularly with regards to respecting each person and the environment;
  • Encourage and reinforce a caring and nurturing behaviour;
  • Be vigilant with regards to common sense safety;
  • Facilitate from an egalitarian and liberal approach, avoiding unnecessary rigidness.

Encouraging Positive Behaviour

We want each child’s experience at our Numbers Nursery’s playgroups to be transformational and therefore wish to welcome all parents and carers from an open and unbiased viewpoint with regards to their behaviour and abilities. Whilst recognising that it is useful to have previous information about participants’ needs, we believe that no child is inherently ‘naughty’ and hope that the greater freedoms offered by our outdoor playgroups will allow for a more flexible interpretation of positive engagement. It will also contribute to making Numbers Nursery outdoor playgroups a safe and enjoyable space. Smoking is strictly prohibited during all Numbers Nursery playgroups for health and safety reasons.

This policy was adopted by staff on 16/02/16.