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Accident/Injury Policy

Accident and Injury Policy

Wherever possible Numbers Nursery endeavours to prevent accidents, however, there are rare times when prevention is not always possible. Risk assessments are carried out on the day of all scheduled outdoor playgroups, at least an hour before the scheduled start time in order to identify and, if possible, eliminate or reduce any risks. All new risk assessments will be shared with each member of staff within Numbers Nursery and key information is communicated to all children, parents and carers at the start of all playgroups. To minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of the children at our playgroups, the following will be adhered to:-

  • All staff will attend 12 hour paediatric first aid at least every three years.
  • When an accident does occur, a qualified first aider will deal with the injury following first aid and hygiene procedures.
  • All playgroups leaders have their own first aid kit which contains the appropriate contents to meet the needs of the children attending the playgroup, the contents of which are checked every month and the Project Director is notified if supplies are running low.
  • An accident form is completed as soon as the child has been treated by the member of staff dealing with the accident. Parents/carers are asked to read and sign the accident form.
  • If the injury is severe, emergency assistance will be sought (999). The accident form will be given to the parent/carer to be taken to the hospital with the child.
  • Any accidents which need further medical attention will be recorded on an incident form which will then be used to notify the HSE (RIDDOR 1995).

This policy was adopted by staff on 16/02/16.